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Neighborhood Forward, Inc. was founded in 2019, but has been a long time in the making. Led by experienced outreach and lobbying professional, Kristen Lonner, the firm is the outcome of her many years working in this field both inside Los Angeles City Hall as well as in multiple top tier lobbying and entitlement firms. Neighborhood Forward, Inc. represents real estate developers of all kinds who are seeking project approval from municipal governments across Southern California and even occasionally beyond.  


The ethos of Neighborhood Forward is to work within a community to help neighbors understand that there are benefits to real estate developments in their community. We have in depth knowledge of  local communities and their active members and will work to build real relationships between clients and neighbors resulting in successful entitlement packages coming out of local governments. Neighborhood Forward was created to make the entire process equitable and seamless.


Our firm has represented many sizes of projects including high rises west of the 405 to mixed use projects in Hollywood to retail developments in Beverly Hills.  Kristen and her team look forward to a challenge and are willing to roll up their sleeves and do the hard work with neighbors and elected officials. They are respected across municipal departments and elected officials as a firm that will get the work done to quiet the fears associated with development.

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