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Neighborhood Forward believes community engagement and outreach is a critical component to achieving success with land use projects. Having a way to take the science of an entitlement application and work with neighbors so they can understand the benefits and risks of new development in their community takes the ability to build good rapport and communicate the tough stuff in a sensible way. Neighborhood Forward was created to do just that. To communicate to neighbors the benefits of development in their community and to help developers see the community for what they are, the future neighbors to their project.

In bringing these two groups together rather than the two fighting each other at City Hall, projects get built and communities appreciate the process and getting to know their new neighbor. Neighborhood Forward puts resources into direct outreach including door to door communication and one on one meetings as needed so that all feel included. A large part of that strategy also includes neighborhood councils, local business groups, special interest groups, and other community based organizations.


Making connections and building relationships early puts people at ease and ensures a process that people can understand. This translates into entitlement approvals done with less bickering but also a history of outreach that elected officials and decision makers can feel comfortable with when decision day arrives. Neighborhood Forward moves community’s forward with developers as partners rather than adversaries.

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